CarPlay Beta

Beta testing our latest Apple CarPlay functionality? Here's everything you need to know!

How to connect?

Disable Bluetooth on any already paired phones

Connect AAWireless to your car

Wait for AAWireless LED to be flashing green

On iPhone, go to settings → general → CarPlay and select the AAWireless device

Upon first pairing, AAWireless may immediately connect to the iPhone and then disconnect shortly. It will then reconnect to the iPhone automatically and attempt to start CarPlay. After that, a popup may appear on the car asking to allow CarPlay. After allowing CarPlay on the car, a popup will appear on the phone asking to allow CarPlay.

On all future connections, AAWireless will automatically connect to the iPhone once. Connecting the iPhone to AAWireless manually should be avoided as this will only slow the connection process.

The first connection may not work, but a second attempt should start up CarPlay.

To access the settings of your AAWireless on an iPhone, please access: https://aawireless.app in your browser. CarPlay needs to be functional for this to work. If CarPlay is not functional, please manually connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot of your device by searching for a Wi-Fi network with the name AAWireless-**** or AndroidAuto-****. The password of this network is 12345678.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to all CarPlay-related questions.

How to switch between cars with the same AAWireless?

To switch between cars, you must first go to settings → general → CarPlay and remove all AAWireless pairings.

If you don't remove all AAWireless pairings, the first connection may work, but subsequent connections will fail.

IAP Functionality not working

If steering wheel buttons, GPS, album art, call information is not working, this is likely related to IAP functionality.

IAP support can be enabled in the app, although this may cause connection instability on some cars. IAP support should preferably be enabled with IAP forwarding set to auto or disabled.

Why is the audio 'choppy'?

On some cars, usually older CarPlay versions, audio may be choppy. In these cases audio fix should be enabled. Audio fix set to auto enables the audio fix on these cars.

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