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AAwireless device

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Enjoy Android Auto wireless

AAWireless is a plug & play device that enables wireless connections with Android Auto.

"AAWireless was the first wireless Android Auto dongle, but it’s still one of the best. The $90 dongle performed well in our review, and offers advantages over the Motorola MA1 when it comes to firmware updates and other more granular controls." -

Set up step 1

Connect AAWireless to your car.

Connect your AAWireless dongle to your car's Android Auto-enabled USB port, using the USB cable included in the box.

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AAWireless Device turned leftAAWireless attached cable USB-C
AAWireless device turning rightGoogle pixel pairingAAWireless device turning right
Set up step 2

Connect your phone to AAWireless.

Connect your phone to your AAWireless dongle via Bluetooth. This is only necessary for the very first setup.

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Set up step 3

All set-up!

From now on your phone connects automatically to Android Auto. Always wireless, wherever you are.

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AAWireless device

Made for your convenience.

We know how frustrating it can be to plug-in that cable every drive, unplug it to pay at the McDrive with Google Play or to strain your arms when trying to manage a certain Spotify playlist from the back seat.

That's why we want to allow you to have a wireless experience, without breaking the bank.

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