Wireless Android Auto Adapter

Stop fussing with cables. Connect your phone to Android Auto wirelessly!

Works out of the box
Connects automatically
Free companion app
Used in 20.000+ car models

Enjoy Android Auto Wireless

AAWireless is a plug & play device that enables wireless connections with Android Auto. It provides Android Auto in the exact same way as via a wired connection, but without the hassle of constantly plugging in that cable.

No need for cables anymore
Keep your phone wherever you want

The world’s most advanced wireless Android Auto dongle

In contrast to other popular Android Auto dongles, AAWireless comes with a free companion app. This app gives you full control over your adapter, so you can get even more out of Android Auto!

Update your adapter

Update the firmware of your AAWireless adapter via the app, so you can always enjoy its latest features

Customize Android Auto

Get additional settings to, for example, change the DPI and customize Android Auto's split screen mode

Solve compatibility issues

Easily solve compatibility issues, so you can get wireless Android Auto working on even the rarest head units

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