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Can I watch YouTube/Netflix on my head unit with AAWireless?
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Can I watch YouTube/Netflix on my head unit with AAWireless?

The capability of specific apps, such as YouTube and Netflix, can vary depending on the Android Auto implementation and restrictions imposed by the app developers. Generally, streaming video content from YouTube or Netflix directly on the car's head unit using Android Auto is not supported due to safety concerns and the potential distractions it could pose while driving.

The main purpose of Android Auto is to provide a simplified and driver-focused interface for accessing apps that are specifically optimised for in-car use, such as navigation, music streaming, messaging, and calling apps. Video playback apps like YouTube and Netflix typically require more extensive user interaction and may not be supported or recommended for use while driving.

It is always crucial to prioritize safety when operating a vehicle. Therefore, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the local traffic laws and guidelines regarding the use of in-car entertainment systems and apps, including video playback, to ensure compliance and maintain safety on the road.

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