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I am using Audi MMI, and I want Android Auto to run wirelessly automatically
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I am using Audi MMI, and I want Android Auto to run wirelessly automatically

Customers using Audi MMI infotainment in Audi vehicles, please follow the steps below:

For Android Auto to always run wirelessly on Audi MMI automatically, you need to enter the Android Auto settings on your phone.

Steps to enter Android Auto settings:

Activate the "Auto Launch" setting.

  1. Note: Android Auto does not automatically launch on MMI, but if connected, you can press the Android Auto logo on the vehicle screen to start.
  2. When the vehicle is properly connected, a blue LED will illuminate on the device.

Sometimes, even if the device's LED is blue, the Android Auto option may not appear on the MMI screen. In such cases, follow these steps:

MMI Main Menu -> Audi Smartphone Interface -> Change to Connection Manager -> Audi Smartphone -> Select the phone name.

  1. There should be a checkbox next to the phone name; pressing the phone will start Android Auto.
  2. If the product LED blinks with a green light, please go through the troubleshooting in the companion app and try connecting again.

If you need additional assistance, please go through the troubleshooting steps in the companion app to contact support or use the contact modal in the FAQ-page.

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