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I am experiencing connectivity issues with my Mercedes-Benz Head Unit
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I am experiencing connectivity issues with my Mercedes-Benz Head Unit

For some Mercedes-Benz vehicles, device settings need to be adjusted to match the vehicle. For Mercedes-Benz vehicles equipped with MBUX (2020+) touch display, please use the settings below. Also, for Mercedes-Benz vehicles that do not support touch (pre-2020), refer to the settings below if the default connection is not possible.

Please try the following steps:

  1. Connect the AAwireless device to the vehicle's data port.
  2. Press the Mercedes-Benz vehicle's home button, go to "Connect," and select Android Auto.
  3. Choose the bottom USB device, then agree to the privacy policy.
  • If the USB device does not appear, wait until the device is connected, and once it is visible, click on it.
  • After the above steps, if the product is still not connected, check the product LED and follow the appropriate steps based on the color and response (blinking blue/ blinking green) through our companion app. troubleshooting.

If you need additional assistance, please go through the troubleshooting steps in the companion app to contact support or use the contact modal in the FAQ-page.

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